Sheng Wenjiao

Going abroad
Good at courses:

Spoken Chinese, HSK

Language of instruction:

Chinese, English



Teaching experience:

3 years

Graduated school:

Mudanjiang normal university

Graduation major:

Chinese language and literature

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About Sheng Wenjiao ( Phoebe)

Hello! I’m miss Phoebe. I love teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I have many years of formal teaching experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I am familiar with Chinese traditional culture, patient and responsible. Has helped many students pass HSK. Think of me as your new friend. Don’t worry, I am a friendly and cheerful person, I will help you learn Chinese. Please allow me to be your Chinese teacher. I understand that learning a new language is difficult and challenging, and that’s why I’m here to help you learn. We can speak freely together in the sun. Come and join my class and I will help you improve your spoken Chinese and HSK. Join us on our Chinese exploration tour!

Tianying comment

Sheng wenjiao gave a systematic and focused lecture, paid attention to enlightening and motivating students, and the class atmosphere was active. The teacher will also raise the students’ interest by listing different examples according to their different characteristics, and guide the students to tell the things they like. Learning Chinese in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere will benefit them a lot every time they finish the class. What are you hesitating about? Come and join miss sheng wenjiao’s class!