Going abroad

Tanzania and Thailand, etc.

Good at courses:

spoken Chinese, HSK

Language of instruction:

Chinese, English



Teaching experience:

2 years

Graduated school:

Beijing Language and Culture University

Graduation major:

Chinese International Education(Chinese as a Foreign Language)

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About Lishuxin

Hello! I’m Mr. Lishuxin. I love working in Chinese as a foreign language and am full of enthusiasm and confidence. As a graduate of Chinese as a foreign language major, I have accumulated relevant knowledge of Chinese as a foreign language at the undergraduate stage. I have certain teaching experience. After graduation, I am fully committed to working in Chinese as a foreign language. I am familiar with Chinese traditional culture. I can sing Peking Opera and play Chinese drums. I am patient with students. I can choose different teaching methods according to the characteristics of different students, improve students ‘interest in learning, and have helped many students improve their spoken language. I hope you can choose me to be your Chinese teacher. I will overcome the difficulties of learning a new language with you, make you happy to learn Chinese, and make you a good friend, chat together, and make common progress!

Tianying comment

Lishuxin’s teaching atmosphere is relaxed and lively, and he can speak the key points. He is good at using body language, drawings, and other methods to comprehensively and intuitively explain what he has learned, so that students can learn Chinese happily. It will also expand the knowledge of Chinese traditional culture according to what it has learned and increase students ‘understanding of China. After each lesson, students can gain a lot of knowledge. What are you waiting for? Join Miss Li’s class!