Hong Rui(SUN)

Going abroad
Good at courses:

Chinese primary, intermediate, advanced,HSK

Language of instruction:




Teaching experience:

8 years

Graduated school:

Capital normal university

Graduation major:

Music education

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About SUN

I have learned music and art since I was young, and I have obtained the voice and sound foundation certificate of central music college. In 2004, he graduated from the primary school of capital normal university, music, education, and obtained his bachelor’s degree. During the period of school learning practice ear, piano, vocal music theory and sightsinging, harmony, dance, chorus and conductor, melody, Chinese music and western music history, artistic practice, impromptu piano accompaniment, accordion, choreography of ethnic music, children, elementary school students psychology, education psychology, and other professional course teacher professional development, and through courses, learning the Chinese language and literature, Chinese modern history of China, such as ancient western culture courses. I am very interested in the knowledge of Chinese literature!

In order to constantly complement their professional skills, and improve their own personality charm. In 2010, I studied in the postgraduate course of psychological consultation and treatment in Beijing forestry university. After two years of study, I have obtained the elementary and intermediate certificates of psychological teachers’ vocational ability training, psychological image dialogue therapy, sand table therapy, painting therapy, and education elementary certificate of adolescent sexual health. In addition, I have participated in many classes of “self-discovery tour” for teachers in chaoyang district of Beijing, as well as many psychological skills training courses in and outside Beijing.

Teaching experience:

I started to teach Chinese as a foreign language in 2013. Tutoring many students from the americas (the United States, venezuela, Brazil); Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Turkey); Africa (South Africa, Uganda, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt); Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan,); Foreign students in Asia (South Korea, Indonesia, Russia, xinjiang, China) study Chinese and take HSK.

I am involved in the Chinese language teaching related textbooks (301 up & down; Chinese primary intensive course II&III&IV; Development of Chinese intermediate & ii, advanced ii; Basic, intermediate, advanced spoken Chinese, etc.) have relatively rich experience in using, can accurately prepare and teach relevant knowledge points.

So far, I have achieved more than 2500 academic years of Chinese teaching experience.

Hobbies and specialties:

I am a cheerful, lively, kind, have affinity of girl. Serious and responsible for work, steadfast and diligent, strong sense of responsibility.

Hobby: travel photography, writing, singing, dancing, painting and baking

Specialty: singing (national, popular) instrumental performance (guitar, piano, electronic organ, trumpet) dance (national dance, modern dance) painting, costume design, performance activity planning and hosting, children dance choreography, dubbing, art editing and design

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