Deng Yating

Going abroad
Good at courses:

Chinese listening, speaking, HSK

Language of instruction:

Chinese, English



Teaching experience:

3 years

Graduated school:

Beijing language and culture university

Graduation major:

Chinese international education

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About Deng Yating

hello! I’m miss yating. I graduated from a small “United Nations” of Beijing language and culture university, here I contact to the foreign students from all over the world, and also learn a lot of foreign culture, the culture without borders, here we can see the intersection and compatibility of world culture, which makes me full of passion for teaching Chinese and look forward to. I love teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and have many years of formal teaching experience in Chinese as a foreign language. I love and am familiar with Chinese traditional culture, and I believe you will also like Chinese culture in the process of understanding Chinese culture. Introducing Chinese culture to foreign friends to let more foreign friends know about Chinese culture is my future career plan. As a Chinese teacher, I am patient and responsible. I have met students from many countries, and each country has its own learning characteristics. I can teach students in accordance with their aptitude according to these characteristics, so that students can get twice the result with half the effort. I have been trained by HSK classes, and I have also taken many HSK classes and helped them pass the exam successfully. I like to simplify complex problems in class. All events are actually composed of the simplest structures. If you like me, let’s dissect these structures one by one. I am cheerful and lively. I am not dull in classroom teaching. I can deal with various classroom events flexibly and arrange classroom activities reasonably. I hope we can become new friends. In class, we are not strict teacher-student relationship, but partners. Teaching and learning benefit each other. Learning a language is not very difficult, but it is something that needs long-term persistence. If you choose me, I hope you can have a heart of persistence to the end. I hope you can allow me to accompany you on your way of persistence, and we can solve problems together.

Tianying comment

Teacher Deng are organized and focused in teaching, and pay attention to inspire and mobilize the enthusiasm of students. The classroom atmosphere is active. The teacher will also cite different examples to arouse the interest of the students according to their different personality characteristics, guide the students to say what they like, and learn Chinese in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Every time after the teacher’s class, I will feel benefited a lot. What are you hesitating about? Come and join miss deng’s class!