Cao Lihong

Going abroad
Good at courses:

spoken Chinese, HSK

Language of instruction:

Chinese, English



Teaching experience:

8 years

Graduation major:

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About Cao Lihong

I started teaching Chinese as a foreign language in 2010. Tutor several students from America (USA, venezuela, Brazil); Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech republic, Poland, Turkey); Africa (South Africa, Uganda, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt); Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan,); Foreign students from Asia (Korea, Indonesia, Russia, xinjiang, China) study spoken Chinese.

My teaching materials related to Chinese teaching (301 above & below; Chinese primary intensive course iii & iii &IV; Develop intermediate and advanced Chinese Iⅈ Elementary, intermediate, advanced spoken Chinese, etc.) very familiar with, has its own unique way of explanation, so that students can accurately understand the knowledge point.

My class is relaxed, lively and interesting. I am good at using body language, expressions, pictures, English and other auxiliary methods to intuitively explain what I have learned, so that students can learn Chinese happily. In addition, I like reading, so I have a lot of knowledge about Chinese history, culture and humanities. Therefore, my class is not only a Chinese learning class, but also a small window for you to know the real China. Welcome to my Chinese class!