Popular Teachers

Yang Xueming(Caroline)

Chinese primary, intermediate, advanced

My class is very relaxed, lively and interesting.I am good at using body language, facial expressions, pictures, games and other auxiliary means to enable students to quickly understand what they are learning.

Hu Yan

Spoken Chinese, HSK

Mr. Hu yan will give different examples according to different students to inspire and mobilize students’ interest in learning, guide students to answer questions, activate the classroom atmosphere.

Cao Lihong

Spoken Chinese, HSK

My class is relaxed, lively and interesting. I am good at using body language, expressions, pictures, English and other auxiliary methods to intuitively explain what I have learned, so that students can learn Chinese happily.

Ji Hongshuang

spoken Chinese, HSK

I have a sense of humor in class, treat students gently and kindly, deeply loved by the students. Teaching knowledge from the simple to the deep, willing to answer all kinds of grammar questions raised by students.

Deng Yating

Chinese listening, speaking, HSK

I love and am familiar with Chinese traditional culture. I have been trained by HSK classes, and I have also taken many HSK classes and helped them pass the exam successfully.

Zhu Qingming

Chinese comprehensive course, grammar course, writing course and reading course

Mr Zhu , senior teacher of Beijing language and culture university college of continuing education. He has been teaching for 36 years.

Sheng Wenjiao

spoken Chinese, HSK

Ms. Sheng has rich experience in oral Chinese and HSK teaching. She focuses on heuristic teaching, is good at discovering students’ interests and stimulating their learning potential, and has helped many students to pass HSK successfully.

Dai Jia

spoken Chinese, HSK, comprehensive Chinese

Miss dai is familiar with Chinese culture and has rich experience.Her classroom is very active, communicate with students like friends, chat together, learn Chinese happily together.

Hong Rui(SUN)

Chinese primary, intermediate, advanced,HSK

Ms. Hong has 15 years of Chinese teaching experience of over 2,500 hours.She is cheerful, lively, kind and amiable. She is fond of traveling photography, singing, dancing, painting and baking.


spoken Chinese, HSK

MS. Li is good at using body language, drawing and other methods to explain the course. In the course, he expands the knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, so that students can learn Chinese happily.

Liu Fang

Spoken Chinese, Chinese reading

MS. Liu has rich experience in Chinese language teaching. She is good at interacting with students in class and improving students’ learning enthusiasm by combining with current social hot issues.

Jin Jing

Spoken Chinese, HSK

MS. Jin has rich experience in oral Chinese and HSK teaching, and is familiar with Chinese traditional culture. She can choose teaching methods and arrange teaching work according to students’ learning characteristics

Hao Chunmei

Spoken Chinese, HSK, Writing, etc.

Miss hao is passionate about teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She is cheerful and enthusiastic, so that everyone can learn Chinese well in a free and open class and feel the charm of Chinese culture.

Zhang Min

HSK, spoken Chinese and comprehensive

Miss liu is rigorous in lesson preparation and strong in organization and management. Her courses are clearly expressed and highlighted, which can stimulate students’ initiative and enthusiasm.