About us

About Mandarin Tianying

Mandarin Tianying is an online Chinese learning center under Beijing meiruoqi international cultural exchange co.,LTD, Mandarin Tianying mainly organizes international culturalexchange activities and in the same time promotes the Chinese language, allowing many foreigners learn about China and understand Chinese culture. Since 2003, there have been Americans, Canadian, British, German, French, Italian, Argentina, Belgium, Serbia, Lithuania,Greece, Bolivia, Estonia, Costa Rica, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, Russia,Kazakhstan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe, yesStudents from more than 90 countries, have studied Chinese through us. With China’s international influence we have continued to increase the number of countries we work with, and at the same time, we have accumulated a lot of resources and rich experience. The main
advantages are reflected in the following four aspects:

  1. Admissions Advantages

Mandarin Tianying has been recognized by international students for its considerate service, excellent teaching results and comprehensive services, and has established exchanges with schools and institutions in many countries and regions around the world. We increase the company’s influence by regularly organizing various international cultural festivals and organizing various exchange activities.

  1. Education advantage

First-class qualified teachers, classes with few people, flexible class time, variety of courses,education through entertainment. To meet the different needs of international students in all aspects, so that students can quickly improve their Chinese language in a short period of time and learn more about Chinese culture, so that international students coming to China can truly understand China. We also cooperate with Chinese language Council international, becoming a training base for the HSK\HSKK\BCT exam to promote Chinese.

  1. Student service advantages

We have a passionate, responsible and efficient service team, providing first-class services, and provide the most thoughtful and meticulous service for international students. Our goal is to face every international student with our sincere smile. More than ten years of association with international students has given us valuable experience.

  1. Teacher advantages

We have a team of experienced and enthusiastic Chinese language teachers, all of our teachers are trained by ourselves. While accumulating and sum up teaching experience, we integrate all aspects of educational resources and continuously innovate and improve in teaching. In that way we can meet the needs of Chinese language education around the world. The teachers we train are based on practical knowledge, therefore highly praised by our students and recognized by the Chinese education community.